My wheels ~ bikes and a Bentley

I’m as happy talking about bikes as boats. I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1965. The bikes have included a 250cc BSA C15 that taught me about mechanical breakdowns, a 650cc Matchless that almost killed me at the age of 19, various reliable Hondas and Yamahas in the 70s and 80s, a Kawasaki GPZ1100 whose performance you simply couldn’t ignore, a 1979 Triumph Bonneville T140 and the star of Good Vibrations (see Books) a Harley Davidson Soft-tail called Black Madonna. Then I had a Yamaha FJR for a few years. It was a beast of a bike, but I often rode the hour and a half to London on it. It’s big enough for me (I’m 6ft 6in), kept me dry and with heated grips I didn’t feel much pain in winter. I sold that last spring after a hip operation. Now I’m fully recovered, I’m on the lookout for some new wheels. Any ideas?

Some images from the ‘Good Vibrations’ cruise

Ros, and Betty (the bike), soaking up sun and we choice sunflowers

TC and Black Madonna in Montana – ‘The Big Country’

Sweeping bends, just right for the bike, in Zion Canyon

A long and dusty road…………………………………..and a refreshing camp site at the end of the best place the day


I’m a real petrol head and a few years ago acquired ‘Reggie’ , a 1949 Bentley, to do a bit of land cruising. We’ve driven him to Scotland and had an epic ’spin’ down to Italy with a blown head gasket. He’s also officiated at weddings and proms. ¬† I think you’ll agree he’s very handsome and if you’d like to ‘charter’ him for a special occasion,¬†with me as driver, please get in touch.