Cunliffe on Cambria 14 -16 April 2018

I’m passionate about vessels like Cambria and am lucky enough to be sailing aboard the last British commercial vessel to have worked under sail. She’s been restored with the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund and is remarkable in that she still sails without an engine, using only wind and tide as she was born to do. 

Why not join me and my old pal Richard Titchener – barge skipper and sometime sailing master aboard the 19-metre Fife racing yacht Mariquita – on board for a couple of days in the Blackwater and Colne estuaries. Be a part of Cambria’s story and help me to help Sea-Change ( its excellent work.

£395 covers three days sailing with us and includes catering, parking and crew.

 If you’re interested, sign on at  or call Richard on 07895063838

I’ll see you there!