When I acquired my new boat, I inherited a bulkhead mounted Garmin 200 VHF. I turfed out a load of old electronics and re-equipped, but I kept the Garmin radio because it seemed to work well and it had a good reputation. After a long hard life it developed a hiccup, but was sorted immediately by Garmin UK just down the road from me near Southampton. They held their hands up straight away and said it shouldn’t have happened. It’s now re-installed and singing like a canary. Unlike many VHF sets with DSC capability, I find this one intuitive to use. The soft keys are easy to understand and, given a pair of glasses if you’ve passed the ’40 long-sight watershed’, they are clear and unambiguous. This helps me a lot because, basically, I am not interested in radio equipment. I use it because I need to, but I’m not the sort of guy who reads manuals in bed. It just has to work and to help me to help it, if you see what I mean. The Garmin 200 does this beautifully. Nothing that has happened has made me regret my choice and I’d buy another if this one finally gave up the ghost.
Oh yes. One more thing. Dealing with Garmin UK is a pleasure. The marine guys are all sailors.