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200 Skipper's Tips

These are the best of the Skipper’s Tips from the pages of Yachting Monthly magazine. The book is perfect for dipping into while waiting for the bus, at the it's great! dentist’s, or in the ’small room’.  In it, you’ll find hints on how to judge distance at sea, tell if the tide has turned, how to steer clear of rocks and ensure you come alongside  in style  -  the sort of practical tips that don’t feature in the syllabus of yachting qualifications.

The book is organised into the following categories:
• Seamanship
• Navigation
• Safety
• Boat handling
• Ropes and knots
• Life on board

Author(s): Tom Cunliffe
ISBN: 9780470972885
Published: August 2010

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- 200 Skipper’s Tips: Binoculars
- 200 Skipper’s Tips: Collision Precautions
- 200 Skipper’s Tips: Lobster Pots
- 200 Skipper’s Tips: Self Tailing Winch

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