Historical research work

Not so long ago I held a seat on the National Historic Ships Committee, working up the Core Collection of heritage vessels on behalf of only here the United Kingdom. Because of this and my other links with traditional sail, I have become interested in researching historical information and ¬†often need to for various books and articles. The authoritative two-volume work, ‘Pilots’ which was published late in 2001 offers many examples of my research work. Sadly these volumes are now out of print, but I am engaged in writing a book about the pilot cutters of Northern Europe which will be published in 2013.

Research in response to private enquiries concerning individual yachts, ships, seamen and cialis paypal passengers, shipwrecks, genealogy, etc., is now passed on to my daughter Hannah who, as a graduate in history with an unusual knowledge of seafaring, runs her own business at Her work has spread from discovering the visit our site seafaring ancestors of a family of levitra medicine immigrants from the Far East to pinpointing the whereabouts of the wreck of the explorer Dampier’s ship, HMS Roebuck. Hannah’s involvement allows me to keep such exciting projects more or less ‘in-house’ and still leaves me on-hand for overview or specialised analysis where requried.