T S Marine engineers

Scott and his merry men at T S Marine have looked after my boat engines ever since I needed a new gearbox on Westernman ages ago. I couldn’t even get into the space where they had to work, so I was mightily impressed to find Scott’s mate Simon sitting under my cockpit looking totally at home and comfortable. Their advice has always proved sound too. I pride myself on being no mug when it comes to engines, but once I start talking with Scott, I generally shut up and do as I’m told. You can’t beat the experience of a real professional.
Although I like to service my own motors, there are always one or two things looking for their magic touch and if ever I need a new engine I will look no further.
When I brought Constance home from the States I was concerned about the fuel tanks and suspected nothing had been done about them for 25 years. Once again, I couldn’t see any way I could even gain access without tearing the ship to pieces. Scott took a look and somehow his boys dredged a whole bucket of sludge out of them – then he washed the fuel, put it back and I’ve never had a clogged filter since. TS Marine are at Universal Marine on the Hamble River. I usually take my boat round to them, but they will do call-outs as well.