Sailing Coaching and Celestial Navigation

This takes the form of one-to-one tuition (see one-to-one training). Mostly I’m aboard the client’s boat, but occasionally the boat is chartered.


‘We both thoroughly enjoyed Tom’s visit. We feel we have a “proper” new boat now. I am less nervous of her and think I will be able to fall in love with her as we did the first boat to which we constantly compare her. Those comparisons have not always been in glowing terms. Up till now. We have learned what she can do with expert handling and will do our best to remember and follow all of Tom’s top tips.’ Philippa

‘Tom is a fantastic teacher. I never felt so confident and safe on the water.’  Cathy, Bristol

‘The knowledge and skills I gained throughout the passage are priceless! Thank you Tom!’ Andy, Cork

‘This says it all. I am so grateful to you for your kindness, patience with a touch of firmness and detailed instruction. It was a truly memorable day and I cannot thank you enough. I am looking forward to putting what I learned into practice.’ James

I also give private tuition on celestial navigation.


‘I am thrilled to have crossed my Ts and dotted my Is. I believe that I have at last understood what I am doing in this fascinating matter.’ Bryan

If you think I may be able to sort out some issues for you, please contact me explaining what is needed, or leave a phone number so that we can discuss it.

Tuition enquiry Tom Cunliffe


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