One to One Training

One-to-one Training aboard your own yacht

tc-training For many years I’ve been responding to a steady demand to sail with clients aboard their own yachts. I enjoy this work, and not only for the challenge and novelty of sailing different boats in sometimes unfamiliar waters. It’s invariably good fun as well.

Often, the days are used to develop confidence or competence when a new or unfamiliar yacht has just entered the family.

One family opted to have my wife and I steer them from novice status to Ocean Yachtmaster in one year, leaving them in the West Indies running their own modern 60-foot sloop. Many have been less ambitious than that.

Years of Yachtmaster Instructor Examining have given me the tact that may be required when the unaccustomed stresses of short-handed cruising have brought partnerships to their knees.

If you think I may be able to sort out some issues for you, hail me via the contact form below.

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