Consulting & Expert Witness

Litigation opinions on questions of seamanship

I’ve worked as an Expert Witness on several cases. These have included minor injuries sustained in small open craft, questions of seamanship, and precedent-setting issues relating to major ocean races.

I read law at university, was at the Inner Temple, but never practised as I ran away to sea. The years at university trained my mind and I find this immensely helpful when dealing with legal cases.


I  have been a consultant for US Sailing and have worked with individuals on various difficulties.

Here are some of the areas I have been asked about. If you think I can help you, please contact me.

  • Choice of a which boat to buy

  • Advice on a designer and builder for a new cruising yacht and help with the design process

  • Seeing a client through the selection and purchase of a used boat

  • Entering the Yachtmaster scheme – how to set about the practical examination

  • Recurring boat-handling problems and other challenges of general seamanship

  • Training professional yacht skippers and instructors

  • Cruise selection and planning

  • Gaff rig. How to use it, modify it, design it and generally extract the best from it

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