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My online book store is open again, so have a browse through the titles. I’m very happy to sign and personalise a book for you – just fill in the form and I’ll do the rest. Don’t forget to add a special message if you want one. Then check out my other services and watch my video blogs.

Every book purchaser in December is entered into a free draw on New Year’s Day for a London Boat Show ticket.

Featured ‘Book of the Month’ for December is Hand, Reef and Steer ~ a guide to Gaff Rig ~ just £13.50!

 This book first appeared in 1992 in hardback and has been in print ever since. When I started looking for a yacht in which to go cruising in the early 1970s, I ended up with a gaff cutter. I bought her because I thought she was beautiful, but she was also cheap. In those days there were no ‘classics’ with their associated price tags, they were just old boats. The fact that I had stumbled unwittingly on a boat that would look after me through some of the worst seas I’ve ever experienced, was sheer luck.

By the time I wrote this book, I’d had twenty years of ocean voyaging in gaff rig. I thought I’d learned how to Hand, Reef and Steer and would like to pass on my knowledge. If you don’t know what ‘Hand’ means in this context, it’s to take in a sail. The long-forgotten definition of a proper seaman was one able to ‘hand, reef and steer’. Even if you don’t own a gaffer, I think you’ll enjoy this book. It gives you an insight not only into how boats of up to 150ft can possibly manage their cloud of sails, miles of rope and manoeuvring with a long bowsprit, it is full of spectacular images and illustrations. You’ll finish up a better-educated seaman ~ one who knows a cranse iron from a cringle.

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