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I’m a sailor to the core, but these days I have several hats hanging behind the galley door ~ journalist, author, speaker, photographer, and so on.  You can have a look at the sort of things I get up to via the yellow buttons on the top right-hand side of this page. There’s a shop too, selling my books and DVDs. If you’re interested in what I do with my spare time, check out my passion for bikes and cars. Then pour yourself a drink and watch the videos, or listen to levitra pfizer online my spoken blogs. I hope you find something you enjoy! Let me know via the contact form.


29 April National Maritime Museum Cornwall
3 October Emsworth Yacht Harbour
16 October CSSA
24 October Nelson Society
10 November Stafford Coastal Cruising Club

9 October


Nautical Book Corner ~ Books I recommend

‘The Sloop of War’ 1650 – 1763’ (Seaforth Publishing) is a fascinating study of the smaller fleet vessels of the Royal Navy from this period. This neglected subject has been thoroughly researched by the author, Ian McLaughlan, and he has added his own beautiful sketches to the many paintings and line drawings in the book. It combines a truly scholarly delivery with a lovely presentation. History brought to life.


Skipper's Tips

Keep ‘em handy

useful way to encourage the hands to wear harness tethers on deck is to make it easy.


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