Award Winning Narration

I’ve been working with Tom Nitsch for many years now. He’s a German film maker who produces award-winning films about classic boats and superyachts. We collaborate on the words and I narrate them. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Below are some of the videos we’ve made together. All these videos are available through his website.


La Nioulargue
To Tom Nitsch coming from the Baltic in the early 1980s, the Mediterranean scene was like an electric shock. The golden age of yachting had returned with a vengeance – enormous vessels, marvellous craftsmanship and large crews. A world which everyone thought was dead forever This film won Silver at Houston World Fest awards in 1993. 


The Creation of Alithia
When a family decided to embark on a circumnavigation aboard a new high-performance cruiser, the venture offered a remarkable opportunity to study modern developments in yacht building in a unique historical setting. The Creation of Alithia won the Platinum Award at the WorldFest in Houston 2004. 


Robbe and Berking Classics
The Baltic annual Classic Yacht Festival calendar has become a tight one since the late 1990s. Flensburg Fjord offers the ideal location for one of the highlights of the German events, The ‘Robbe & Berking Classics’. 


Tracks of Borkumriff IV
If I have a favourite among Tom Nitsch’s movies, I guess this is it. An unusually knowledgeable owner chooses a legendary yard to build his vision to specifications defined by an outstanding team of naval architects and interior designers, who describe their working together as if they were involved in a family business. 


Styles and Trials
Tom’s camera recorded a number of very different yachting projects in 2001- 2003. They represented refreshingly different styles of yachts and building methods. In particular, they revealed the contrasting ways the various craft are sailed and enjoyed during the sea-trials. 


The Return of The Lady Anne
One of the great highlights of yachting in the early 1900s was the racing of craft built to the new 15 metre rule. Nineteen had originally hit the starting line, including the King of Spain’s Fife Tuiga, but only a very few survived to recent times. 


Enchanted by the Dragon
In the grey summer of 1998, the renaissance of the Classics brought a fleet of yachts back to the Clyde near Glasgow where they had been designed and built by the Fife dynasty – some of them almost 100 years ago. They are still considered to be the most beautiful yachts ever produced. 


Atlantic Challenge
In 1997 the re-run of the first official Transatlantic Race of 1905 left no doubt that the ‘Golden Age’ of sailing had returned. This was the best opportunity possible to establish the way this film series can combine current events with the history of yachting. 


Athena – The Rebirth of Grandeur
The creation of the 295′ three-masted schooner Athena at Royal Huisman Shipyard in Holland is a project that seems to point in opposite directions. Athena represents a rebirth of the grandeur of the glory-days from before World War I, while delivering a vivid spirit of moving on. 


Sailors, Classics and the Walligator
From ´92 through ´95, Tom Nitsch was collecting material during various Mediterranean regattas. The result was an unconventional film with the classics in perfect counterpoint to ‘push-button sailing’ aboard the ultra-modern cruiser/racer Wallygator.  


The International Rule
The ‘International Rule´ was created at a meeting in London in 1906 by all the leading sailing nations. It gave birth to the so-called `Metre Classes´ which could race internationally without a handicap system.