We bought Constance in Florida after selling Westernman. She’s a classic Mason 44 design and is our first fibreglass yacht.   Here’s a few photos of her. I’ll be updating them soon, but these will go for now. Above was taken on the Swedish east coast in the islands off Stockholm. Magic, isn’t it. This […] Read More


You’d be forgiven for thinking Westernman an old boat when you look at this excellent photo, taken by Phil Stapleton in the Solent a few years ago. Hirta was replaced by Westernman, built in North America (1997) to a design drawn up by my friend Nigel Irens. Nigel is best known for his world-beating fast […] Read More


Hirta on her sea trials in 1911 Hirta, a 35ton pilot cutter, was built in 1911. She stars in my book ‘Topsail and Battleaxe’ and was part of a major BBC1 television series. She was built for Pilot Morrice in Polruan at Slade’s Yard (now Tom’s) and was originally named Cornubia. After she left the pilot service, she […] Read More


Marishka became part of our family for just a couple of years whilst I was teaching at the National Sailing Centre in Cowes, but she wasn’t big enough for my plan to follow the Viking route, so we looked around and found Hirta. Read More


I replaced her with Saari, a 32ft pilot cutter, designed and built by the great Colin Archer for a Finnish pilot. Ros and I set off for Brazil in her in 1975. We lived on board her for five years and I couldn’t stand up below! She sailed out of our lives never to be […] Read More