tom-boat-yard Boatyard

A ten-part series first screened in 2005 on Discovery Realtime TV and frequently repeated – the last time on Quest

‘At last, reality is injected into TV coverage of boating…’

Boatyard was a series created by Century Aspect Films for Discovery Real Time about the tribulations and triumphs of five ordinary guys tackling major boat renovations on limited budgets. Their vessels vary from a 1930’s classic yacht to a jet-craft of unknown origin. Venues include a Yorkshire council estate, a Norfolk farmyard and the legendary Eel Pie Island.

I found the owners an eclectic bunch of characters. They are the real stars. There’s a north-country ‘man-who-can’ with a scrapyard in his back garden, two brothers-in-law testing their family ties alongside their technical skills, a company director with the soul of an engineer, a Thames river-man and a sailing chef. All found their fortitude plumbed to the depths.

The ten half-hour episodes run back-to-back in pairs so you can follow a complete project across an hour. After this, nobody could imagine boats are for the i use it privileged few again.

Unfortunately, no DVDs have been issued of the series.