Topsail and Battleaxe: A Voyage in the Wake of the Vikings


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Back in the late 1980s I wrote Topsail and Battleaxe and it promptly won The Best Book of the Sea award. It’s been long out of print, but audio’s the coming thing, so here we go! Narrated with gusto by Yours Truly, it tells of the colourful goings-on during a rough old voyage in my 1911 pilot cutter. On board you’ll meet my wife Roz, my four-year-old daughter and a crew of unlikely characters, all sailing from Norway to Newfoundland in the wake of Erik the Red and his 10th-century desperadoes. The Vikings get a good look-in to the story and somehow the boat hangs more or less together, which all makes for a rollicking tale.

So, settle back and join us all on the good ship ‘Hirta’ where things are not looking too fusty!

Here’s a short sample – see what you think!


Download Tom’s award winning Topsail and Battleaxe – a Voyage in the wake of the Vikings – as an audiobook.

The audiobook is available for download on a Mac or a PC computer. If you then wish to listen to the audiobook on your phone or iPad you will need to sync it to iBooks or another 3rd party audiobook player from your computer to your phone or iPad. Don’t forget to look at the charts folder for maps and at Ros’ scrapbook for the photos.

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