Tom Cunliffe Ltd – Data Protection policy and information

  • The person responsible for data protection is Rosalind M Cunliffe
  • The only personal data held from customers is that supplied with book orders, consisting of name, land address, email address and phone number
  • The data is held so that we can dispatch books ordered from the website
  • We do not share the data with anyone. No individuals and no outside companies or persons
  • We keep the data in our googlemail account under the subheading ‘orders’. It may rest there for a considerable time, owing to the fact that we keep it to ensure the order has gone smoothly. For occasional foreign orders this can take a month or more. Thereafter, we do not have the resources to sift and remove individual orders. However, unless accessed at a customer’s specific instruction, all data will remain dormant and unused by us for any purpose whatsoever
  • Should you require access to, correction of, or deletion of your data, kindly email us at We will attend to the matter promptly.
  • No automated decisions or profiling whatsoever are based on the data we hold
  • Any complaints about data protection should be made in first instance to Rosalind Cunliffe at the above email address. If this proves unsatisfactory, then please complain directly to the ICO