My first article was written in 1987 when I was away cruising. It was accepted by a small paper. I then had the courage to offer a piece to ‘Yachting Monthly’. They liked it, bought it and the rest, as they say, is history. I was employed by them on a freelance basis for over 30 years. I’ve also written for most of the yachting magazines in the UK and have appeared in yachting magazines in France, Germany, Holland, America and Australia.

Monthly columns with Yachting World and Classic Boat.  After 30 years or more, I no longer have a column with Yachting Monthly. The editors are great, but the ‘suits’ made it impossible for me to work for them. I started a new monthly column with Sailing Today in June 2017. Hope you’ve checked it out.
Regular columns with SAIL (USA) 
Other magazines have included Marine Quarterly, Wooden Boat, Yachts and Yachting, Sailing SA, RYA magazine (UK), Le Chasse-Maree, High Life, Business Life, Queste, Segel (Germany),The Scotsman, The Independent, etc.

A sideline to the journalism is writing brochures for firms, such as Fairlie Restorations.

I also offer video promotion for firms.

Occasionally, foreign companies will ask me to have a look at the English version of their brochure and if necessary to make it more readable.

If I can help at all, please contact me via the form.