23 February 2020 ~ Barry Yacht Club

Barry Yacht Club are holding their Annual Dinner and Presentation of Awards and they’d like me to join them and give the After-Dinner Speech. I’ll have plenty of tales to recount, having first sailed in to Barry Dock in 1982 with my Barry Pilot Cutter, Hirta. Here an image of the cutters in the harbour in the […] Read More

9 February 2020 ~ Moody Owners Association

It’s the Moody Owners Association’s 35th anniversary and they’ve asked me to talk at their AGM. I’ll be giving my lecture about ‘The Life and Times of the Shell Channel Pilot’, but it all started when I was a denizen of the so-called ‘Debtor’s Jetty’ at Moody’s Yard in Swanwick. I’ll be sure to add […] Read More

Tom Cunliffe sails on Overlord.

Tom Cunliffe sails aboard a 58-foot yacht built for the Luftwaffe before WWII, brought to Britain in 1945, now owned and cruised by a very active club called the Offshore Cruising Club. My thanks to them. For more information on them go to https://www.sailoverlord.org/ Copyright Tom Cunliffe 2019 Read More

Great Seamanship

I’ve just unearthed a couple of extracts for my Yachting World column, ‘Great Seamanship’. Every month, I introduce an interesting passage from the endless store of riches in nautical literature. This time we’ve two related books; ‘A voyage in the Sunbeam’ by Lady Brassey and A Saga of the Sunbeam penned by a guest on […] Read More