Wrapping the Keel

A mooring attached to a fine, meaty pick-up buoy with lots of room around it. It is just the sort one might be tempted to pick up under sail. Why not, indeed? There is even a ripper of a tide sweeping by to help you control your speed. There is, however, one catch which any experienced sailing instructor would be able to point out.

If you are approaching the mooring under sail, it is vital to make sure that as you finally round up to hook the pick-up, you must make absolutely sure that both buoys are on the same side of the bow. If you ‘split the kipper’, so to speak, and find that you are going too fast for your mate to grab the buoy, you are in grave danger of sailing over the pick-up line which may catch your keel or, far worse, your P-bracket or rudder. The results will speak for themselves.